Don‘t sign anything until
you have shown it to your lawyer
and he says it is all right.
Words of Wisdom


Personal attention for each and every client: Attorney Krasner
At Krasner Law Office, you are never “a number”. Attorney Krasner makes your problem his number-one problem. His belief is that each and every client is important.

Attorney Krasner has lived in the NH Seacoast area and practiced law here for over 30 years. From his office in Farmington he serves clients in Barnstead, Union, Milton, Rochester, New Durham, Alton, and everywhere in New Hampshire. He is past President of the Strafford County Bar Association and served on many other boards for non-profit organizations. Emmanuel Krasner has participated in local activities throughout New Hampshire and supported local businesses in Strafford County, Belknap County and Carroll County, and is, therefore, concerned with the well being of people in this area.

Attorney Krasner will give you the time and attention you deserve, so you can be accurately and fairly represented.

A country law office with world-classs advice


Attorney Krasner is a local lawyer with global knowledge. His 30 years of experience have covered everything from landlord/tenant issues to adoption to personal injury. His clients’ needs are very diversified and he can accommodate that. One day it may be an insurance claim, the next day it may be help with a contract. Attorney Krasner has the answers for you and can represent you successfully in any situation.


Attorney Krasner will not hesitate to give you a referral to one of the many lawyers he knows, if your problem would be better suited at a different firm. If your problem is an out-of-state issue, the Krasner Law Office can promptly connect you with an out-of-state lawyer.